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 Jenny's Bedroom

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PostSubject: Jenny's Bedroom   Thu Feb 11, 2010 9:33 am

This is my dream bedroom:

View from the top. 7m x 5m.

Bed, chandelier (a little bit too long I think), and glass doors leading to a 7m balcony but I was too lazy to design the balcony balcony. Crying or Very sad

My work space overlooking the garden, my glass desk (I love glass furniture!) with a laptop, a lamp and some books.
I purposely positioned the desk this way so that sun light can shine on my papers (I won't have to use the lamp often = save energy) and facing the television so that I can work while watching the news.

My leisure corner with a plasma telly, a very cool clock and a comfortable pink sofa.

The shelves for books and picture frames. I have a lot of books.
On the long white drawer, there are cosmetics/make up...and more books.
The piece of furniture on the right is a refrigerator. I decided to put it in my room so that I can get food when I feel hungry at night.

Full view of my sleeping space.

A bonus view from outside. As I mentioned before, the exterior of my room is supposed to have a long balcony (7m balcony = the length of my room) but I did not design it.
What do you think? Does this room look better with or without a balcony?
If I have time, I'll add it and update my entry later to compare.
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PostSubject: Re: Jenny's Bedroom   Sat Feb 20, 2010 3:19 am

It all depends on your preference. But in my opinion, your room would be better without a balcony. I think that a huge window would do fine by offering light into your space.
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Jenny's Bedroom
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